Change these 5 settings on your new Windows laptop

Purchasing a new laptop represents a new beginning. Windows 10 or Windows 11 will be as clean as ever, and you may customize the operating system to meet your specific demands.

Typically, you will see several prompts in the Windows 11 or Windows 10 “Out of Box” experience to assist you in customizing Windows to your preferences. This might include gaming, productivity, or even video editing. Even with those possibilities, we have our own recommendations for top settings you may modify on your new laptop.

Display Scaling

Changing the display scaling in Windows 11.

Touchpad gestures

Advanced touchpad gestures in WIndows 11.

Windows’ annoying suggestions and privacy, app notifications

Privacy settings in Windows 11.

Fast Startup

Fast Startup in Windows 11.

Pin folders to your Start Menu and remove suggestions in Start

We may restore quick access to Settings, File Explorer, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos from here. This ensures that you may access these directories without having to open the File Explorer.

In this, we recommend disabling Windows 11’s automated recommendations. This is the section that shows beneath your Start Menu. Personalization > Start, then turn off the option Show recently opened items in Start, Jump Lists, and File Explorer. Keep the toggle for Show recently added applications turned on above that. Documents will no longer appear in your Start Menu, and you will only view recently updated programs. It should make your Start Menu seem more organized.

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