IPhone 14 Pro leaks say the notch is dead

We’ve been hearing rumours for a long time that Apple will do away with the notch, but stories to that effect appear to be heating up. Earlier this week, a rumour by Korean magazine The Elec said that Apple is ditching the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, however, it will stay on the less expensive non-Pro models. Instead, Apple is said to be using a hole-punch camera, as seen on many Android phones.
I don’t have any hard evidence to refute these rumours. But, as much as I’d like them to be true, the concept of Apple getting rid of the notch suddenly simply seems weird.

This same explanation is simple: with so many phones boasting almost identical designs and the majority of consumers keeping their phones in cases, the notch is one of the few ways Apple manages to separate itself from the competition. Even though it is out of date, the notch is part of Apple’s contemporary design language. It’s similar to why Apple persevered with chunky bezels for so long before releasing the iPhone X; having a distinct visual identification helped Apple keep the iPhone’s exclusive “luxury” smartphone status.

Furthermore, the firm has just gone to the bother of attempting to make a notch on a laptop acceptable with the new MacBook Pros, despite the fact that the laptops do not support Face ID. In that instance, it’s evident that the notch is as much a design statement as it is a design choice.

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We’ll have to wait and see whether this leak holds up once actual hardware renderings and photographs start to circulate, but until then, I’ll dismiss stories of the notch’s demise as excessively overblown.

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